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There’s no sweeter moment than tucking your child into bed at the end of the day, giving them a kiss and wishing them the sweetest of dreams. Bed is where they rest and reset after a busy day, so why not create a beautiful sleeping haven for them with gorgeous, unique bedding?

For a child to fall in love with their bed, it needs to have the comfort factor just as much as the wow factor. Children cosy up in bed to make themselves feel safe and secure, so we’ve chosen the softest, snuggliest materials in our bedding to help your child create their perfect dream cocoons.

Children develop a very strong sense of identity from even their first year. The bedroom can become an expression of their character, and with our wide range of luxury duvet covers and quilts, we can help that personality shine through. With funky and themed designs varying from the factual to the whimsical, your child will find their perfect bedding.

  •  In our own bedrooms, muted tones tend to be the colour palette of choice, creating the tranquil and calm environment conducive to good sleep. But for children, their bedroom is also an area where they spend many waking hours. Bright, bold colours on bedding and whimsical prints can all fire up their senses and spark their imaginations as they play.
  • With all their toys, storage and various pieces of furniture, a child’s bedroom can become a bit of a kaleidoscope of colours. A cleverly chosen bedding set and quilt can add cohesion to a room, pulling the colours together or giving the eye a focal point.
  • A child's bed should be supremely cosy, but it must also offer temperature control to allow comfortable and safe sleeping. Our bedding is made using cotton, a hypoallergenic, breathable material that will help your child stay warm at night without overheating. The joy of cotton is that it machine washes superbly, remaining soft and holding its colour, so their bedding will look and feel fresh wash after wash.