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Individual Knives

63 items
Wusthof ® Classic 4.5" Asian Utility Knife
Tramontina 8" Utility Knife
Tramontina 4" Vegetable And Fruit Knife
Cangshan Everest 3.5" Black Paring Knife
AED 345.00


AED 155.00
AED 98.00


6377_Black 9FtBlackUmbrellaSHS16_1x1_zmGR
Color Black
AED 245.00
Tramontina 3" Vegetable And Fruit Knife
Tramontina 8" Bread Knife
Tramontina 5" Steak And Fruit Knife With Smooth Edge
Tramontina 8" Chef Knife
AED 89.00
AED 151.00
AED 199.00
Tramontina 7" Santoku Knife
Zyliss ® Serrated Red 4" Paring Knife
Zyliss ® Orange 3.5" Paring Knife
Wüsthof ® Classic 5" Serrated Utility Knife
AED 184.00
Sale AED 33.00
reg. AED 55.00
AED 50.00
AED 405.00


Global® 8" Carving Knife
Global® 6" Utility Scallop Knife
Global® 5" Chef's Knife
Global® Paring Knife
AED 445.00
AED 295.00


AED 295.00
AED 235.00
Global® Vegetable Knife Fluted
Global® Peeling Knife Plain
RIG-TIG Sharp santoku knife, 30cm
RIG-TIG Sharp chef's knife, 34cm
AED 345.00


AED 150.00
AED 279.00


AED 315.00

Kitchen Knives

Whether you're the chief cook and bottle washer in your home, a keen amateur chef or you've already earned your culinary stripes, kitchen knives are one of the most vital pieces of equipment in your gastronomic headquarters.

While it can seem like a good idea to buy a knife block set - and they certainly make great gifts - they often come with knives that you simply won't use. A far better idea can be to buy individual kitchen knives based on what you use them for and how you use them.

The best individual kitchen knives tend to be great all-rounders. Typically, the blade will be around 20cm long, but our collection holds both those that are smaller and those with a few extra inches when you need appropriate heft. However, what you're really looking for are individual knives that are easy to use and easy to clean.

Although the size and shape of the blade might seem like the deciding factor, you should start by thinking about the handle. An ergonomic grip ensures that the knife is easy to wield, offers precise cuts, and minimises the potential for accidents. Plastic grips can be easy to hold, but steel handles, pocked with grip marks, can be just as practical.

When it comes to the blade, the key is deciding what you use your knives for. Look for paring and vegetable knives if you're a stickler for detail and presentation. On the smaller side, these allow for more intricate peels and cuts. However, if you need to be able to get some serious chopping done without the need for finesse, those with wider blades will get the job done. Designed in the same vein as cleavers, these offer enough weight to chop through the most resistant ingredients.

It can be worth checking out kitchen knives that are coloured, particularly if you work in a professional situation or want to keep your kitchen hygiene standards as high as possible. Assign each colour with a purpose, and you'll bring the potential for cross-contamination down to a bare minimum.