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Griddles & Grill Pans

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SOLIS Combi-Grill 3-in-1
SOLIS Deli Grill
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Square Grillit 26cm Meringue
Le Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Grill 32cm Deep Teal
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Le Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Grill 32cm Meringue
Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Griddle 24cm Flame
BALLARINI Alba Grill Pan 28cm
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Square Skillet Grill 26cm Flame
AED 659.00


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Swissmar Electric Raclette Grill Black
SOLIS 5-in-1 Table for 4 Grill
Reversible Ceramic Double Griddle
Square Grill Basket
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AED 360.00
AED 125.00
Breville® The Smart Grill Pro
Breville® The Adjusta Grill
Lodge® Sportsman's Grill
Lodge® Reversible Griddle
AED 1,799.00

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A griddle pan is a very useful piece of cookware to have in the kitchen, especially if you like to cook healthy food but still love that fried taste. For salmon fillets, steaks, chicken breasts or even vegetables a griddle pan gives everything a delicious flavour while minimising the need to use lots of cooking oil. Simply mist the pan with an oil spray and you’re ready to go.

Ceramic griddles that fit on top of your gas cooker are great if you want to cook larger amounts of food in one go. If you have vegetarians or vegans in the family then you’ll also want to make sure that their food doesn’t come into contact with meat or dairy. To make life easier for everyone, we love the Reversible Ceramic Double Griddle, which is easy to simply wipe and flip over by hand.

Want a tasty stack of pancakes for breakfast? Our Lodge Round Pancake Skillet is the perfect size for creating delicious pancakes quickly and easily, giving you golden brown, fluffy pancakes that the kids will love. It’s lightweight too, so it’s easy to flip those pancakes without straining your wrist.

Heavy iron griddles are ideal for cooking meat as the dense iron construction holds the heat and distributes it evenly. The Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan is a prime example of this. Wide and shallow, it heats up quickly and cooks evenly, so you get perfect results every time. The ribbed griddle design helps fat run away from your food, meaning healthier, tastier meals.

Griddles and grill pans are designed to be non-stick, so they’re easy to clean. We don’t recommend putting them in a dishwasher, but simply wipe up or drain off any fat before washing with warm, soapy water. Choose one with a pop of colour too, to make a real statement in your kitchen. We love the Le Creuset Signature Square Skillet Grill, which has a contemporary red outer shell.