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Wine Tools & Storage

60 items
Wood and Marble Wine Coaster
Pulltex ® Waiter's Black Corkscrew
Graham Wine Cooler
Perry Glass Wine Bucket
AED 100.00
AED 50.00
AED 255.00
AED 205.00
Fenton Graphite and Wood Wine Cooler
Champagne Stopper
Charleston Wine/Champagne Bucket
French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler
AED 205.00
AED 30.00
AED 255.00
AED 145.00
Under Cabinet Stem Rack
Rabbit ® Wine Preserving Stopper
Rabbit ® Winged Corkscrew
Wine-Bottle Stopper
AED 205.00
AED 55.00
AED 75.00
AED 10.00
Wood Marble Wine Cooler
11-Bottle Wine Rack Copper
Bash Silver Stacking 3-Bottle Wine Rack
Jasper 6-Bottle Wine Rack
AED 205.00


2567_Copper MartinCocktailGlassCopper15ozF16_zmGR
Color Copper
2568_Gold MartinCtlGlsSSGldFnsh16ozF16_zmGR
Color Gold
2569_Graphite MartinCtlGlsSSGrphFnsh16ozF16_zmGR
Color Graphite
AED 255.00
AED 110.00
AED 265.00
Pryce Champagne/Ice Bucket
Peugeot ® Baltaz Dark Corkscrew
Ice Mold/Wine Bottle Chiller
Nutcracker Bottle Opener
AED 205.00
AED 310.00


AED 205.00


AED 65.00

The art of wine drinking involves so much more than opening a bottle of generic red or white with a meal. Fine wine should be savoured, enjoyed, and treated with respect to get the best out of every sip! We’ve put together a selection of wine accessories as part of our Drinkware collection, ranging from clever gadgets that’ll help you preserve the flavour of an opened bottle, to racks that will keep those fine vintages safe and correctly stored.

Once a bottle of wine is opened, its lifespan is limited. But if you don’t want to drink it all in one sitting, you can use a wine saver or stopper to reseal the bottle so that it can be kept a little longer. Our Vacu Vin® Black Wine Saver/Stopper does the job perfectly, or you can buy a set of six wine stoppers if you’re opening multiple bottles at a party.

Make sure your wine is poured to perfection. Introducing a certain amount of air into the liquid will enhance the flavour, especially of full-bodied reds. The Rabbit® Super Wine Aerator/Pourer aerates your wine as you pour, and the dripless spout means no spillage either.

White wine should always be served cool to get the crispness and lightness to come through, but fridges are often too cold and can affect the taste. A French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler uses the natural coldness of marble to bring the temperature of the wine down gradually, so it keeps its bouquet.

Wine should be stored on its side, so our 11-bottle wine racks are the perfect solution for resting your wine before it’s used. The charming honeycomb shape and gold finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen, too.

Whether you like a light Pinot Grigio or a rich, full-bodied burgundy, we have all the wine accessories you need. From easy-use lever corkscrews to champagne stoppers and buckets, you’ll find all your favourite wine accessories at Crate and Barrel.