French Kitchen Bakers Rack

AED 6,660.00
Reference: 461333
French Kitchen Bakers Rack.
  • overall dimensions
  • Width: 60"
  • Depth: 19"
  • Height: 36.5"
  • hangtag dimensions
  • Width: 60"
  • Depth: 19"
  • Height: 36.5"
  • slatted shelves (x2) buffet
  • Width: 54"
  • Depth: 14.5"
  • Height: 15"

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You've put a lot of care into choosing your furnishings. And with continued care at home, they should share your address for many years to come. Now for your owner's manual...

  • Dust with soft dry cloth.
  • Do not leave spills unattended.
  • For soil build-up, wipe with damp cloth & dry.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaner.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not place hot objects on surface.
  • Protect from heat and liquids.
  • To prevent a chemical reaction (markings) with the finish,
  • do not place any rubber, vinyl or other synthetic materials on
  • Use felt pads instead to prevent surface scratches.
  • Avoid acidic food and liquids, which will leave permanent stains
  • on top.
  • Use CUTTING BOARDS & coasters to minimize scratches on tabletop.
  • MARBLE/STONE is a porous, natural material and prone to stains.
  • Wipe spills immediately to reduce staining and water marks.
  • Protect surface from stains and scratching.
  • Protect frame/base from cleaning agents & over spray from cleaners
  • Most foods will leave a permanent stain if not wiped up immediately. Olive oil, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, wine, vinegar were all tested and all stained the marble. Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining. If stains do occur, the appearance of the stain can be lessened or removed by following these instructions: 1. Rub stain gently with lukewarm water and dry with cloth. 2. Create a poultice by combining powdered whiting and hydrogen peroxide until a thick paste is formed. Powdered whiting can be purchased online at: http://www.Globalsgs.Com/index.Asp?Pageaction=viewprod& prod1d=188 3. Dampen the stain with distilled water 4. Apply the poultice to the stain and cover with plastic wrap, edges can be taped down to make it air tight. 5. Let the poultice absorb the stain for 24 hours, then remove with water and a soft cloth. Repeat these steps if stain is not removed. Please note that this procedure will remove the stain but may also remove some of the marble's natural gloss. Beeswax may be used to refresh the finish of the marble if stains are removed(we recommend clapham's salad bowl finish) **please note: this marble has not been sealed. Also, since it is highly polished and treated. Customers need to be aware of the staining tendencies and okay with them. We have also tested and recommend stone cleaner and sealer from stone care international- www.Stonecare.Com **not recmmended for outdoor use**


Crate and Barrel housewares and furniture items may be exchanged or returned within 15 days for full priced items. All discounted items may be exchanged within 15 days and returned within 3 days. The Return and Exchange policy applies for Furniture items from the date of delivery. 15 days exchange or refund will be provided in case of Manufacturing defect. You must send us the item’s receipt or proof of purchase.


To exchange houseware (Portable Non-Furniture Items), customer needs to visit a nearby store along with the e-receipt for the initial purchase.

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