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  1. Marin Red Dinner Plate
    Marin Red Dinner Plate
    AED 50.00
    Marin Red Dinner Plate.
  2. Paper Twig Napkin Ring
    Paper Twig Napkin Ring
    AED 30.00
    Paper Twig Napkin Ring.
  3. Holiday Bears Square Platter
    Holiday Bears Square Platter
    AED 95.00
    Holiday Bears Square Platter.
  4. Shimmer Salad Silver
    Shimmer Salad Silver
    AED 40.00
    Shimmer Salad Silver.
  5. Days of Christmas Plates with Stand
    Days of Christmas Plates with Stand: one of 12 designs.
  6. Christmas Whimsy Melamine Holiday Platter
    Christmas Whimsy Melamine Holiday Platter.
  7. Snowflake Assorted Fabric Coasters Set of 6
    Set of six fabric coasters: two of each color.
  8. Shimmer Salad Gold
    Shimmer Salad Gold
    AED 40.00
    Shimmer Salad Gold.
  9. Wine Bottle Sweater and Hat
    Wine Bottle Sweater and Hat
    AED 50.00
    Wine Bottle Sweater and Hat.
  10. Holiday Bear Acrylic Milk Bottle
    Holiday Bear Acrylic Milk Bottle
    Special Price AED 7.00 Regular Price AED 25.00
    Holiday Bear Acrylic Milk Bottle.
  11. Zinc Reindeer Place Card Holder
    Zinc Reindeer Place Card Holder
    AED 19.00
    Zinc Reindeer Place Card Holder.
  12. Marin Red Salad Plate
    Marin Red Salad Plate
    AED 40.00
    Marin Red Salad Plate.
  13. Conifer Cheese Board with Spreader
    Conifer Cheese Board with Spreader.
  14. Glitz Beaded Napkin Ring
    Glitz Beaded Napkin Ring
    Special Price AED 8.00 Regular Price AED 29.00
    Glitz Beaded Napkin Ring.
  15. Shiloh Easy-Care Red Placemat
    Shiloh Easy-Care Red Placemat
    AED 39.00
    Shiloh Easy-Care Red Placemat.
  16. Red Rim Buffet Plate
    Red Rim Buffet Plate
    AED 40.00
    Red Rim Buffet Plate.
  17. Reindeer Napkin Ring
    Reindeer Napkin Ring
    AED 20.00
    Reindeer Napkin Ring.
  18. Fa La La Bowl
    Fa La La Bowl
    Special Price AED 17.00 Regular Price AED 59.00
    Fa La La Bowl.