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  • Decorate to make a small room look bigger

    Even the smallest of spaces can be made to look bigger through the use of clever decorating techniques. From using mirrors to reflect light to choosing the right colours, there are lots of different tricks you can use to create the illusion of space. Here are a few tips on how to decorate a small room to look bigger.

    Start at the bottom

    While it might be tempting to break up your floor space with rugs, doing so will make a small space feel even more restrictive. Think ‘wall to wall’ single colour if you’re going for carpets (and choose a light colour to keep that sense of space), or use light-coloured staining if you’re going for floorboards, and choose a glossy, light-reflecting lacquer for optimum effect. If you are using a rug then go for a large statement rug rather t

  • Fall room décor ideas

    As summer fades gradually into Fall, it’s time to look at a whole new palette of colours for the home. Fall décor ideas allow us to make use of deeper, richer tones, bring natural forms and shapes into the home, and generally create a warm, homely atmosphere so we can snuggle indoors away from the winter chill.

    Fall décor introduces russet browns, bronze, gold, and deep red into your home, echoing the colours of the changing leaves. Pops of bright red or deep green reflect the berries and evergreen foliage, while soft yellows and oranges echo the colours you see on a crisp Fall morning or evening. Ideal as feature walls or just to add a little Scandinavian ‘hygge’ to your home, Fall room décor ideas take you into a completely different direction design-wise.


  • Modern room décor ideas

    Interior design usually falls into two main camps – traditional (including the ever-popular ‘country cottage’ look) and modern. Of the two, modern room décor can be the hardest to pull of successfully, as it’s a matter of striking the right balance with everything from the trimmings through to the colour palette, flooring, and lighting. All of these need to come together successfully to achieve the ideal modernist look, all finished off with some seriously on-trend wall art.

    Modern decorative wall mirrors – the must-have to any modern interior

    Mirrors go in and out of fashion, but they’re an intrinsic part of modern room décor, whether you’re going for minimalist or the ultra-trendy industrial look. Modern decorative wall mirrors can also be an effective tool in making a smaller space

  • How to decorate white walls

    Clinical or clever? On-trend or off-the-boil? The all-white look is a design statement that first found favour with the ultra-minimalist look of the 1980s, and has gone around in cycles ever since. The latest version is remarkably versatile, working in any space from the kitchen, bathroom, living room or the bedroom.

    However, having four blank canvases to play with can be intimidating, and you need to get your décor just right to give it the maximum wow factor without appearing too clinical or cold. Here are a few tips on how to decorate white walls.


    White-on-white living spaces

    If you’re going

  • How to decorate a kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where we all meet up first thing in the morning, it’s the space where you can have a coffee and a chat with a friend, and it’s where those wonderful culinary experiments (some good, some not so good!) happen. A kitchen has to have real personality, charm, and warmth, but it needs to be a practical space too.

    So how do you achieve that balance? Kitchen décor is just as important as your living room or bedroom décor, so here are a few tips on how to decorate a kitchen to bring out the best in any space, large or small.

    Practicalities – heat and humidity

    The kitchen environment is very different from the rest of your home, so your kitchen décor ideas need to take into account the higher heat and humidity you’ll find in a kitche

  • Corridor design and décor ideas

    Corridors are ‘transitional spaces’, meaning we don’t actually spend that much time in them. However, that doesn’t mean they should be dull, uninteresting and nothing but simple ‘room connectors’. They can be used to create a décor signature that flows from one space to another, and be bright, welcoming spaces. They can even act as your very own art gallery!

    The corridor area around an entrance is particularly important, as it will give your visitors a first impression of your home. So to help you make the most of this often-overlooked space, here are a few corridor design ideas for your home, and some tips on how to decorate corridor walls.


    The best colour for a corridor

    Corridor areas tend to be dark, often with no natural light to give them that spacious feel. You c

  • How to decorate a small studio apartment

    How to decorate a small studio apartment

    When you’re decorating a small studio apartment, pause to do some planning before you buy. With careful design, you can make even a tiny space into a welcoming home that you love. To help you to get it right, here are our top four small studio apartment interior design tips.


    1) Get organised

    We all know that excellent storage is fundamental to creating a haven of calm in any size of villa or apartment. When it comes to planning your small studio apartment design, storage should be your number one focus. It means you’ll have somewhere to keep all the essentials

  • How to decorate a boy’s room

    How to decorate a boy’s room

    Are you about to welcome your newborn son into your world? Or maybe you’re refreshing a bedroom for a toddler or pre-teen? From must-have nursery essentials to the latest trends, discover our best boy’s room décor ideas.


    Cute and practical baby boy room décor

    Creating a beautiful nursery is top of the wish list for many new parents. Here’s how to combine stylish looks with practical features that will help make your life as easy as possible.

    • The focal point of the nursery is often the crib. Natural wood and painted white cribs in heritage and modern styles are always popular. Or follow the current trend for alternative colours, including black.
  • Wall décor ideas to improve your room

    A picture can mean a thousand words, so it’s important that when you pick out your living room wall décor ideas that you’re saying the right thing! Whether you’re looking for something artistic for your bedroom wall décor, or want to use decorative wall mirrors to make a smaller room look larger, you should always regard your walls as a ‘blank canvas’ upon which to express your creativity, your personality, and your character.

    There are several key factors to consider before you start purchasing wall art, mirrors, or photo frames. Think about:

    • The location – are you looking for living room wall décor ideas, or something that would look good in a bedroom?
    • The shape of your room – there are differences on how to decorate a large wall with vaulted ceilings as compared to a small space
  • How to decorate a living room

    You might spend a third of your life in your bedroom, but much of your ‘down time’ is spent in the living room. It’s the family room, it’s where you entertain guests, chill out, relax, watch films and generally have fun. It’s important to make sure your living room design is in keeping with your own personal style, but that it also fits in with the ‘flow’ of the rest of the house too. 

    Living room décor ideas range from sublime minimalist to traditional farmhouse, cosy cottage to ultra-modern and high tech. what we can’t do is tell you how you should design your favourite space. But we can provide you with some living room interior design ideas to help you make the most of the space you have.

    How to decorate a small living room

    Size matters, so if your living ro

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