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  • How to decorate a small studio apartment

    How to decorate a small studio apartment

    When you’re decorating a small studio apartment, pause to do some planning before you buy. With careful design, you can make even a tiny space into a welcoming home that you love. To help you to get it right, here are our top four small studio apartment interior design tips.


    1) Get organised

    We all know that excellent storage is fundamental to creating a haven of calm in any size of villa or apartment. When it comes to planning your small studio apartment design, storage should be your number one focus. It means you’ll have somewhere to keep all the essentials

  • How to decorate a boy’s room

    How to decorate a boy’s room

    Are you about to welcome your newborn son into your world? Or maybe you’re refreshing a bedroom for a toddler or pre-teen? From must-have nursery essentials to the latest trends, discover our best boy’s room décor ideas.


    Cute and practical baby boy room décor

    Creating a beautiful nursery is top of the wish list for many new parents. Here’s how to combine stylish looks with practical features that will help make your life as easy as possible.

    • The focal point of the nursery is often the crib. Natural wood and painted white cribs in heritage and modern styles are always popular. Or follow the current trend for alternative colours, including black.
  • Wall décor ideas to improve your room

    A picture can mean a thousand words, so it’s important that when you pick out your living room wall décor ideas that you’re saying the right thing! Whether you’re looking for something artistic for your bedroom wall décor, or want to use decorative wall mirrors to make a smaller room look larger, you should always regard your walls as a ‘blank canvas’ upon which to express your creativity, your personality, and your character.

    There are several key factors to consider before you start purchasing wall art, mirrors, or photo frames. Think about:

    • The location – are you looking for living room wall décor ideas, or something that would look good in a bedroom?
    • The shape of your room – there are differences on how to decorate a large wall with vaulted ceilings as compared to a small space
  • How to decorate a living room

    You might spend a third of your life in your bedroom, but much of your ‘down time’ is spent in the living room. It’s the family room, it’s where you entertain guests, chill out, relax, watch films and generally have fun. It’s important to make sure your living room design is in keeping with your own personal style, but that it also fits in with the ‘flow’ of the rest of the house too. 

    Living room décor ideas range from sublime minimalist to traditional farmhouse, cosy cottage to ultra-modern and high tech. what we can’t do is tell you how you should design your favourite space. But we can provide you with some living room interior design ideas to help you make the most of the space you have.

    How to decorate a small living room

    Size matters, so if your living ro

  • Kids’ room décor

    Whether you’re expecting a new baby or redecorating for a toddler or older child, creating a luxury kids’ room is fun. It’s a space for play and laughter, so you can let your imagination run wild. Just don’t forget practicalities, like storage or study space for older children. To help you to get started planning, we’re sharing our top kids’ room ideas.


    How to design a kid’s room

    The easiest way to start planning your kid’s room décor is to decide what furniture you need. A bed will be top of the list along with somewher

  • Modern kitchen design

    Modern kitchen design – how to decorate your kitchen

    We’ve all rediscovered the joy of getting creative in the kitchen, and whether it’s making cupcakes with the kids or going full-on cordon-bleu for that dinner party with friends, our kitchens have regained their rightful position as the true ‘heart of the home’. Practicality may be one of the key requirements of every modern kitchen, but how your kitchen looks is just as important.

    Home décor ideas include the kitchen, so it’s important to make sure that your kitchen is as beautiful as the rest of your home. To help you, we’ve put together a few ideas on how to decorate your kitchen, whether you have a large space with plenty of room or a small kitchen where every inch counts!


    Jazz up your cupboards and drawers

    Your unit drawers and cupboard doors are constantly on show, and they also tend to suffer from bangs, knocks, and scrapes. One of the easiest ways to revive any modern

  • Outdoor furniture design

    How to improve your outside space with outdoor furniture

    Your garden is an extension of your home, whether you have a rambling country-cottage-style garden filled with colour and scent, or a small patio that’s your ‘quiet space’ at the end of the day.  In the UAE, we’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy our outdoor spaces all year round, so it’s well worth investing in some outdoor furniture to turn your patio or garden into a welcoming outdoor room for entertaining, relaxing, or just taking a few minutes to stop and smell the roses!

    Our collections of outdoor furniture cover everything from family dining tables to comfortable cushions, barbecue, and grilling facilities to outdoor rugs. Remember – it’s the little touches that can have the greatest impact.


  • How to set up an office at home?

    Working from home is the new normal across the globe. If you want to boost productivity and comfort, you’ll need a carefully thought-through home office set up. Whether you’re devoting an entire room or need something more compact, a few simple changes could make a big difference. From planning to space-saving office furniture solutions, read our tips to create a home office that works for you.


    Planning your home office

    The first thing to think about is space. If you’ve got a spare room in your villa or apartment, this is the ideal home office. If you still need to use the room for occasional visitors, invest in a sofa bed. As well as providing somewhere to relax during a busy day at your desk, it can quickly convert to accommodate overnight guests.


    If you don’t have a spare room, don’t worry. There are plenty of smart space-saving solutions to create a dedicated office area in the corner of a lounge or hallway.


  • Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

    When it comes to picking out perfect presents for loved ones, think ‘inside the basket’ this year. Putting together a bespoke bundle of goodies shows you’ve given real thought into choosing a present. It is fun and lets you show off your creative side. It can be cheaper than buying a pre-packed gift box, and it's easy to do too. If you’re not sure where to start, follow our step-by-step guide to put together a Christmas gift basket for smiles all round.  


    Getting started with gift baskets

    The first thing you need to do is decide on your theme. Think about what your loved ones enjoy doing and use that as your starting point. For example, do they love to cook or are they always at the spa?


    Choose one main item

    Next, decide on one main present for your gift basket that fits your budget. For example, if the recipient is a coffee lover, you could buy a new

  • How to Host An Unforgettable Christmas Party

    Christmas Party Ideas

    The holidays are the time to enjoy good food and great company. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a huge bash, create happy Christmas memories with our top tips for hosting the perfect festive party.


    Get organised

    Is your party a formal event, a casual get-together, or somewhere in the middle? How many people will you be catering for? Does your planned date clash with anything significant? Once you’ve decided on the party essentials, you’ll be ready to create your guest-list and a tick-list action plan of everything you need to do.


    Choose a theme

    A theme is a sure-fire way to set your party apart from the rest and give it some wow-factor. Som

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