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  • Crate and Barrel Chef’s Theatre, Taste of Dubai 2019

    Eric Lanlard

    Considered to be one of the best in

  • How to Hang Lighting

    Lighting has settled into fashion status in recent years—especially with the ever-popular pendants. These hanging fixtures can range in size from small globes just inches in diameter to large drum shades suspended on high. One of the freshest, most fashion-forward applications is bunching—grouping a trio or even quintet of pendants—all the same or a mix of shapes and materials. Follow our guide to learn how to hang lighting fixtures.

    Benefits of Pendant Lighting

    A stylish pendant light can be a focal point in a room and can add sophistication, an artsy element,

  • 4 Creative Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    No matter if you live in a sprawling suburban mansion or a quaint city apartment, the kitchen is most likely the hub of your home. It’s where friends celebrate, families congregate and guests relax. Memorable moments happen here, which is why it’s so important to incorporate kitchen lighting ideas that set the vibe for your entire home.

    Glam Up the Kitchen

    Once only a feature in the poshest of homes, chandeliers have been updated to illuminate even the most unexpected of spaces, including your own kitchen or dining room. They come in a variety of styles that showcase your design savvy and set the tone for an entire space.

  • Lighting Ideas for Your Home

    Just like music and temperature, the lighting can make—or break—a room. Too bright and you almost can't relax; too dim and it's sleep-inducing. Fortunately, there are lighting ideas to suit every space in your home. What you'll need depends on a number of elements, including available space, types of light desired, required maintenance and personal style.

    Types of Lighting


    Because they are attached to the wall and take up minimal space, sconces are ideal for small areas that need light, such as entryways and hallways. But they also serve as a space-saving solution for bedrooms and living roo

  • 4 Tips to Introduce Calm into Your Home in 2019 with Maya Toubia

    It’s a new year. The year you are going to transform your life into a forcefield of calm. We know this is not an easy task, and probably not your first attempt at a change. Therefore, we have partnered with Maya Toubia who is going to help bring peace into your home. Over the course of her career, Maya has developed methods to integrate natural elements such as stone, wood, plants, and soothing lighting into your life for a more blissful way of living. With her expertise in wedding planning and décor, Maya shares four easy steps for transforming your home’s surroundings into a sense of complete calm.

    1. Choose natural elements to incorporate your style.  Think about the interior of your home. Is there a theme? Are there certain pieces that you connect with? When updating your décor, choose items that reflect nature and your style at the same time. Natural elements such as wood or marble help connect you with your outside environment. For

  • How to Stock a Home Bar

    In an age when every bar and restaurant in town seems to flaunt a mixologist, most people we know continue to steer clear of slinging drinks at home. But why wait for a night out to enjoy your favorite cocktail? Empower yourself by stocking a home bar; then throw a party to celebrate. Our handy guide breaks down bar ideas, tools, serving pieces and more. Read on and be inspired by our home bar essentials—that’s the spirit.

    The Drinks

    Word to the wise: Start small. You can always add to your collection later. Start with a set of foundation spirits for creating cocktails:

    • A Step-by-Step Guide to a Bathroom Makeover

      New year, new makeover. We partnered with Christiann Koepke to bring you 5 easy steps on refreshing one of the most used spaces in the home: the bathroom.

    • Small Work Space

      As more of us find ourselves working remotely or running home-based businesses, having a space in our homes devoted to work is more and more relevant. Even if a large and separate space isn’t available, a stylish and functional small work space is totally within reach with the right furniture.

      While you might not believe it, comfort is important when it comes to creating a home work space- and you are home, after all! Anchor the room with a comfortable sofa and a cozy rug. Well-balanced and beautifully tailored, our Montclair 2-Seat Roll Arm Sofa provides upright seating for concentration without lacking comfort. Add sophistication to the room with our Alvarez Garden Rug, which provides a soft, almost painterly aesthetic of jewel tones. It’s detailed enough for a conversation piece yet toned down enough to not be distracting while you work.

      If the room you have to dedicate to a work space i

    • A Whimsical White Fall Mantel

      ‘Tis the season for curling up by the fire! We partnered with Marcella from Modest Marce to bring you this cozy white mantel, perfect for both fall and winter.

      As the seasons change, one of my favourite things to decorate is the fireplace. It it the heart of the living room & makes the biggest statement to such a formal space. The mantel I created this fall was inspired by the whimsical white pumpkin. I wanted to keep things cozy, white, & woodsy. It has hints of fall, without being too seasonal. This white fall mantel will easily carry you through from the early fall to the end of the winter.

      Because our century fireplace is original to the home, I brought in various modern elements to compliment it. I incorporated chunky knits, fur pillows, vases & subtle brass finishes. To start, I filled each Lillian brass lantern with fall cues including the White Pumpkin Filler & Oak Tree Acorns. I also incorporated beautiful white vases such as the Holden Vas

    • Fall Into Green

      Fall into green this holiday season with tips from Christiann Keopke on how to breathe new life into your decor.

      You know the feeling we get when we are around vibrant, lush plants? Well, incorporating the color green into design can give us that same feeling. Somehow there’s just something calming about the color and the great thing is, there’s so many ways to bring that vibe into your own home. If you too are thinking about ways to breathe new life into your decor…keep reading. I have a few ideas.

      Incorporating elements of green can be done for a room, a couch or for a corner that you want to take up a notch. I am big believer in swapping out colors for each season. We often live in our homes for years at a time. It’s important to keep it fresh. There is no better way to invest in yourself and your own tranquility. This year I am going green.

      My inspiration for the season started with a desire for intimate entertainment. I made a promise to myself to spen

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