Rich colors, global patterns and eclectic decor are some of the hallmarks of bohemian interior design. Filled with trinkets and treasures from unforgettable adventures, creating a bohemian bedroom can turn your space into a relaxing retreat that feels like escaping to a world away. However, choosing the right bohemian bedroom decor—balancing between laid-back, eclectic, and perfectly styled and organized—might feel intimidating at first. That’s why our decorating guide is full of bohemian bedroom ideas to help inspire your space and make decorating your dream bedroom a little easier.

Boho Walls

When choosing a paint color for the walls of your bohemian bedroom, think neutral, warm and inviting— taupe, rust or cream are good options. The simple backdrop will work as a canvas to decorate with bold bohemian wall art, tapestries and plants. Alternatively, you can add boho flair to your bedroom walls by using a unique wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall. Choose a wallpaper with a colorful worldly motif or a bold metallic pattern.To pick your wall art, focus on mixing pieces with varying texture, pattern and shine. Mix natural textures from wicker baskets, wood branches, and woven yarn with flat prints or posters in bold colors. For instance, a distressed wood medallion or wood wall carving is warm and textural, while gold, gilded frame mirrors, which are vintage and a little victorian, add shine. They both pair beautifully with global prints on a gallery wall. Don’t worry too much about the wall art coordinating, either. There is no such thing as too many patterns mixing together in bohemian design. Truly, any item you can hang on the wall, from baskets to maps, is fair game as art. Of course, if you want to keep things a little simpler, purchasing one large tapestry to hang will perfectly capture the bohemian spirit without needing to create a whole gallery wall of items.

Boho Floor

A rug is essential for your bohemian bedroom. If your budget allows, find an eye-catching oriental, Persian or Moroccan area rug large enough to cover the majority of the floor. When placing the rug in the room, it should sit under about half of the bed and extend out into the room from the foot and sides of the bed. If you don’t have the budget for a large area rug, mixing and matching smaller rugs is a perfect way to make use of the eclectic nature of boho design. Try runners along each side of the bed, or layer a couple small area rugs with different textures and patterns. Colorful ikat and kilim rugs fit in well in a bohemian room, but you can also incorporate cowhide rugs or shag rugs for additional texture.

Boho Furniture

When choosing bedroom furniture such as nightstands, dressers and a bed, look for pieces with rustic wood charm, vintage detailing or a Victorian flair. While you can easily scour local flea markets and antique stores to find nightstands and other bedroom furniture, consider purchasing a fresh new bed to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. The bed frame you choose should ideally sit low to the ground and can feature a rich upholstered headboard in colorful velvet or silk.Boho furniture doesn’t need to match exactly, so feel free to mix colors, styles and materials from piece to piece. Try using two different nightstands on each side of the bed, perhaps repurposing an antique item to create one—old luggage, stools or baskets can do the trick. Look for furniture inspired by traditional styles from India or north Africa, or opt for Victorian furniture that is delightfully dramatic. In the corner of your bedroom, create a cozy sitting area with a plush chaise lounge or deep, tufted sofa with vintage charm and bold color.

Boho Bedding

Richly patterned textiles are a tell-tale sign of boho style, which means your bed is the perfect space to really bring your bohemian aesthetic to life. Boho bedding should be filled with jewel tones and patterns. Whether you choose a quilt, duvet or comforter, find bedding with a pattern that immediately resonates with you. Then, add a textural throw to the foot of your bed in a coordinating color or another fabulous pattern. Don’t forget to layer on Moroccan-inspired throw pillows with rich colors, beads and fringe.

Boho Accessories

Create a collection of bohemian decor for your worldly retreat by adding bits and pieces from everywhere you explore. In a truly bohemian room, every piece in the space should have a story behind it.Decor: Try hanging plants above your nightstands on each side of the bed to incorporate plenty of fresh greenery into the space. You can also add some small potted plants and succulents on your dresser. On a bookshelf, display your favorite novels alongside trinkets from your travels, including globes, maps, vases and accent pieces.Lighting: Light your boho bedroom with soft light from lanterns, candles and string lights. Hang a cluster of colorful paper lanterns above your bed to create a beautiful focal point in the center of your room. On a dresser, find a decorative tray to hold a group of candles in varying heights and colors. Opt for flameless candles to avoid any fire hazards. Finally, hang string lights around your bed for an ethereal ambiance.Curtains: Hang light, airy curtains in the space, but don’t just stick to the windows. Use curtains to create a canopy around your bed or to replace closet doors. You can choose bright colors or even patterns, but opting for sheer curtains will keep the space feeling breezy and relaxed.Share your favorite boho bedroom ideas with us at #CrateStyle.