Celebrate warm, festive feelings right when you walk in the door! ✨ Sarah and Harper of Our Vintage Farmhouse show us how to prepare an entryway for holiday visitors.


It’s that time of year when you want to decorate the halls. We are beyond excited to share this sweet Christmas entryway with Crate & Barrel! This is a simple and Christmas-y look all in one! I’ve been hiding it from you all for a little while and finally, it’s time to reveal it in all it’s goodness!!

First up, I have been on a search for about four months now looking for a farmhouse inspired console table. This is the one, y’all! It is super durable, emphasis on SUPER and it’s stunning. Honestly, it would look amazing even with a couple candles on top. This piece is your statement piece, that conversation piece that is made to decorate around!

These fluffy flocked trees are lovely and I clustered them in the corner, pairing them with my favorite wire lights. This basket is my catch all normally, but when I found this chunky blanket, I knew it would be perfect draped out of our rattan basket. We like to cuddle in this chunky throw by our locked tree, singing every Christmas song imaginable, and reading our favorite stories. The added vase is the extra texture I’m craving for in this entryway, along with a few tea candles lit. Christmas garland is so fun to hang in your entryway and this one happens to be handmade!

This elegant mirror adds beautiful lighting to my once drab and much darker entry. It’s a beautiful element when you walk in as well and of course the added tree sparkle in our vintage crock gives all the Christmas feels! Once Christmas is over, I will share other easy looks to achieve in the entry. You have to love change! It can be just a little change that goes a long way. Have the best time decorating your entryway this season and be sure to send us what you come up with. We would love to see it!

Big thanks to Crate & Barrel for partnering with us on this project and for making such beautiful, timeless designs. There are so many more exciting things to come!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Lots of Love,
Sarah & Harper