After the heat of the summer months has faded, sometimes nothing is more appealing than staying home and curling up in cozy warmth. People in cultures throughout the world create a cozy, friendly space perfectly suited to enjoying the simple pleasures of life with friends the family. The Germans describe this process as gemütlichkeit, and in Scotland, the word is còsagach. There’s also a Danish name for that—hygge. This concept is taking off as people in colder climates embrace the mindset and welcome the winter months. Want to try hygge yourself? Follow our guide filled with tips for creating the perfect hygge lifestyle.

Create your space

Hygge emphasizes enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Find a spot in your home that is perfect for cuddling up. This may be near the fireplace, in a reading nook with an abundance of natural light or simply in your bed. Next, gather the essentials for a cozy space. Hygge is all about enjoying the comforts of your own home and you’ll need a few pieces to get started. Set the stage for a cozy night in with chunky knit blankets, soft acrylic throws and plush velvet pillows. Soft sheepskin rugs and pillows add an undeniable sense of luxury that’s approachable yet indulgent. Shag wool rugs also feel great underfoot and create a grounded, cohesive space.

Light a Fire

Candles are one of the most essential components of a hygge lifestyle. You can easily use them to incorporate warmth and ambience throughout your home. Try tealights scattered across a mantel or console table, and use pillars or hurricanes as a flickering centerpiece. You can create a soft glow with a dimmable table lamp on a side table, or with string lights hung throughout the room. Try using an array of flickering candles in various sizes to create the perfect balance of lighting—pillar, tea light, votive and hurricane. Add another element of comfort by sprinkling in scented candles throughout the space.

Get Creative

Hygge is all about taking it easy and enjoying the current state of life around you. This is a good time to learn a craft, such as knitting or crocheting. If crafting is not your style, consider baking. Freshly-made sweet treats or homemade breads fill the air with pleasing aromas. Getting creative with crafts or baking allows you the opportunity to slow down and relish the simple pleasures of home.

Little Indulgences

Whether it’s a glass of hot tea with cardamom or a mug of mulled wine, a warm drink brings you perfectly in line with the hygge lifestyle. Hygge is about doing the things that make you happy, so yes—allow yourself to indulge in all types of treats. Fresh pastries or other comforting foods are perfect for keeping the mood. Allow yourself small luxuries for home decor as well. Adorn side tables in family rooms with special photos of friends and family in stylish frames, or add a delicate potted plant in a gorgeous pot to a sunny window sill. Fill decorative bowls on coffee and console tables with fragrant and colorful potpourri to enchant multiple senses.

Gather your friends

While you can enjoy hygge in comfortable solitude, another way to make this practice your own is to spend time cherishing loved ones. Once you’ve equipped your home with all things hygge, nothing is sweeter than sharing it with your friends and family. Invite them over for an intimate gathering with comforting food and drink. Refill coffee, tea and other warm beverages. Wrap up in cozy blankets on comfortable pillows. Relish the conversation and laughter that will inevitably flow.What are your favorite tips for cultivating a hygge lifestyle? Share them with us by using the hashtag #CrateStyle.