Christmas Party Ideas

The holidays are the time to enjoy good food and great company. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a huge bash, create happy Christmas memories with our top tips for hosting the perfect festive party.


Get organised

Is your party a formal event, a casual get-together, or somewhere in the middle? How many people will you be catering for? Does your planned date clash with anything significant? Once you’ve decided on the party essentials, you’ll be ready to create your guest-list and a tick-list action plan of everything you need to do.


Choose a theme

A theme is a sure-fire way to set your party apart from the rest and give it some wow-factor. Some of the most popular themes to try are:

  • Colour themes, for example, silver and gold, or red. Use your chosen colour for all your table décor, from candles to placemats, for a dramatic effect. You could even ask your guests to dress up in the same colour.
  • Fun themes, like a beach party, James Bond, or retro 90s, will immediately set your guests at ease. Decorate your home with suitable accessories and ask guests to join in by dressing up. If you’re having a 1980s party, send a pair of shoulder pads along with the invite and ask your guests to wear them.


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Share the fun and the holiday spirit

Christmas is a time to think of others, and you could incorporate this into your party. Ask guests to bring something that you’ll donate to a good cause instead of bringing you a gift. For example, they could bring food for you to take to the local animal shelter.


Don’t forget the music

Music helps to create a relaxing atmosphere at your festive party. Depending on the scale of your bash, this could mean booking a live band or preparing a playlist on your phone the day before.


Opt for small-bites

Even if you’re only planning a small soiree, opting to serve small bites rather than preparing a full sit-down meal can make catering your party a lot easier. Make or buy canapés and serve them on a range of distinctive platters and dishes. If you need to, buy the right bakeware to ensure perfect results. For example, a pizza stone will help to ensure deliciously crispy crusts every time.


Festive food

Remember that this is the one time of year we all like to indulge, so include plenty of sweet treats on your festive party table. Check with guests if there are any special food requirements or allergies to make sure there is something for everyone. And while no one likes to waste food, always ensure you have extra supplies waiting, so you don't run out.


Give yourself time to enjoy the party

As a perfect host, it’s your job to ensure your guests have everything they need, but that does not mean you have to miss out on the fun. Hire serving staff or make your bar self-service to ensure guests’ drinks stay topped up. Make sure you have stocked up on essential barware and buy a drinks dispenser to make serving easier. For more tips on stocking your home bar, read our blog.


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