Colanders & Salad Spinners

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  1. Berry Box White Colander
    Berry Box White Colander
    Special Price AED 18.00 Regular Price AED 25.00
    Berry Box White Colander.
  2. 5-Piece Mesh Colander Set
    5-Piece Mesh Colander Set
    Special Price AED 138.00 Regular Price AED 185.00
    5-Piece Mesh Colander Set: 27 oz.
  3. Over-The-Sink Mesh Colander
    Over-The-Sink Mesh Colander
    Special Price AED 71.00 Regular Price AED 95.00
    Over-The-Sink Mesh Colander.
  4. Footed Stainless Steel Colander
    Footed Stainless Steel Colander
    AED 115.00
    Footed Stainless Steel Colander .
  5. Melamine White Colander
    Melamine White Colander
    AED 59.00
    Melamine White Colander
  6. Out of Stock
    Gold Accent Footed Colander
    Gold Accent Footed Colander
    AED 115.00
    Out of Stock
    Gold Accent Footed Colander.